Farmer Guarantee

The Farmer Guarantee Seal, through the “Management of Agrarian Services and Support for the Family-Owned Livestock Farm” certification issued by SGS, endorses our unique work method, which reflects the cooperative origin of our company.

These services help us produce top-quality milk and the best possible livestock health, enabling our members to earn sustainable returns from their family-run livestock operations, cooperating in protection of the environment and, of course, their standard of living.

These programmes, services and exclusive measures we offer cover a range of qualities, and they aim to boost the economic dimension of livestock activities, the social necessities of our members, the welfare of animals and protection of the environment, thus guaranteeing the future. They are ultimately programmes which address the various dimensions of an activity, helping our family businesses to be socially and economically sustainable, naturally with a focus on environmental concerns, in our firm commitment to integral sustainability.