Dámaso Alberto Alvarez Rodriguez
(Santullano de Tineo, 1976)

Forestry engineer and partner of the “La Soledad S. C” family-owned livestock farm since 1998. Dámaso Alberto Alvarez Rodriguez was appointed as Chairman of Central Lechera Asturiana SAT in July 2020, where he had previously held other posts of responsibility and was a member of its governing bodies. He has been a member of the CAPSA FOOD board since 2014, a company in which Central Lechera Asturiana SAT holds a 81.53% stake. Prior to joining Central Lechera Asturiana SAT, he worked in different areas as a forestry engineer for different cooperatives of the agro-forestry sector of the Principality of Asturias.  He is married and has a daughter.

Governing Board

Senior decision-making body, with the exception of issues reserved for the General Assembly. It is mainly composed of livestock farmer members, and is tasked with the representation and administration of Central Lechera Asturiana SAT, economic management and implementation of activities. It is based on equal rights for members and independence of criteria.

  • Dámaso Alberto Alvarez Rodriguez
    Ganadería La Soledad, S.C. – Chairman

  • José Ramón Badiola García
    Ganadería Diplomada Badiola, S.L. – Deputy Chairman

  • Javier Marcos Marcos

  • María Angeles Fernández Martinez
    Ganadería Poyo, S.C. – Member

  • María Caridad Molleda Diaz
    Ganadería Vegarredonda, S.C. – Member

  • Ramón López Fernández
    Ganadería Ferreiro, S.C. – Member

  • Guillermo Castaño Rodriguez – Member

  • José López García – Member

  • Sergio Suárez López
    Ganadería Palacio, S.L. – Member

  • Mario Alvarez Pérez
    Ganadería Quevedo, S.C. – Member

  • Antonio Amador Lopez Fernández – Member
    (Representing surplus partners)

  • José Antonio Pérez Suarez – Member
    (Representing surplus partners)

Governing Board Committees

Management Committee

Body which advises and reports to the Governing Board on any relevant issues, guiding and examining the action taken by management bodies. It is one of the company’s basic corporate governance instruments.

Members of the Management Committee:

  • Dámaso Alberto Alvarez Rodriguez
    Ganadería La Soledad, S.C. – Chairman

  • José Ramón Badiola García
    Ganadería Diplomada Badiola, S.L. – Deputy Chairman

  • Javier Marcos Marcos
    Ganadería Javier Marcos – General Secretary

  • Guillermo Castaño Rodríguez
    Ganadería Guillermo Castaño Rodríguez

Steering Committee

Body which inspects corporate operations and their accounts. It is composed of four members, and the scope of their competences includes accounting, legal and statutory corrections of operations by the Agricultural Transformation Company (“Sociedad Agraria de Transformación-SAT”).

Members of the Steering Committee:

  • José Feito Feito
    Ganadería Galán, S. Coop.

  • Juan Ramón González García
    Ganadería La Pienda, S.C.

  • Manuel Ángel Heres García

  • Francisco González Sela

General Meeting

This is the body which exercises the power of livestock farmer members. It is the tool which manifests their wishes, and takes decisions affecting the present and future of Central Lechera Asturiana SAT.

After the last electoral process in 2020, the General Meeting consists of 93 delegate partners, 77 representing the supply partners and 16 representing the surplus partners, who have nominated them as proxies. It takes charge of approving the proposals tabled by the Governing Board, and also approval of the annual accounts, changes to the statutes and any other issues affecting the future of Central Lechera Asturiana SAT.